What is plagiarism

Plagiarism is when someone uses another person's work without their permission or duplicates it and uses it without giving the writer credit.

Since it has been around for a while, plagiarism has become a major issue. About 75% of content creators and students use plagiarism.

Because it is so difficult to consistently create unique content, many authors, students, or webmasters try to follow the simple route of plagiarism,and steal stuff from other websites.

About Plagiarism Checker Tool

Plagiarism checker is a lightweight tool but still a powerful tool it has a unique algorithm to find plagiarized text by searching online and finding the original sources of the content.

It searches for the text sentence by sentence all over the internet to see if there are any potential matches on the internet and then it calculates the plagiarism of your content and displays you.

Plagiarism checker is a free tool designed to help students, teachers, SEO's or anyone who wants to check for the existence of a specific content online. Our free tool can check unlimited words within a few seconds.

Who is it for?

The majority of people who use plagiarism detection tools are students or teachers, however, the number of people using them has increased over time.

If you're a teacher, you can quickly verify your students' writing for plagiarism and make accurate calculations. If you are a student, you may confirm that your content is original before you send it to your college, university, or school.

One of the tools that freelance writers must depend on before delivering their work to clients is a plagiarism checker. Because even one error might result in a poor review, it is crucial.

What makes plagiarism checker special?

Our team has conducted web research and tested several tools for detecting plagiarism, however the most of them either need subscription or have a word restriction of 800 to 1,000 only.

Our tool allows you to look at up to 2,000 words and can be used repeatedly. By not overloading our tool with advertisements or captchas, we have also managed to keep it simple and lightweight.

The plagiarism checker can be used on smartphones and tablets equally because it is 100% mobile friendly.


We are pleased to report that our tool consistently performs excellently and is nearly 100% accurate when it comes to searching for and locating plagiarism online.

Every time you use our tool, which is trusted by thousands of visitors every day since we thoroughly test all of our tools before making them available to the public, you can expect excellent results.

How to avoid & fix plagiarism

Writing unique content is the best strategy to avoid plagiarism. You can research the topic online, gather facts, and then create your own article using your own words.

When your text is checked for plagiarism, the red lines representing copied sentences will be displayed.

You can remove those lines and recheck your content.It is crucial to delete every instance of plagiarism from your work to ensure that it is entirely original, if it is similar to another piece of content that is not identical it is considered fine.