Free Summarizing Tool

Use a free summarising tool to create a short, professional version of your text by summarising it.

Words Reduced

How to Use

Input your text into the "Your text" textarea.
Complete the reCAPTCHA by completing the captcha task.
Generate summary.
The summarized text will appear in other text area.
Download or copy the text easily.


Summarising tool can read your text with AI and generate a summary for you. It makes decisions about what to keep and what to delete from your text using trimming AI technology. In order to improve readability, it makes sure to leave the most key information out of your text. You can enter any text into it, and it will quickly analyze it and generate a summary for you.

Text summarizing

This accurate method summerizes your text in a method that actually provides context, unlike typical summerizing tools.

Reduced words

The tool calculates the number of words it removed from the original text and displays that count to you.

User-friendly interface

The Summerize tool is 100% mobile friendly and usable on any device.

Download and copy to clipboard

The summerized text can be downloaded or copied to the clipboard with a single click.

Frequently Asked Questions

Summarizing tool is a free tool to summarize your text making it short and understandable, basically a brief of your text.
Yes it is 100% free and you can use it multiple times.
Anyone can use this tool to make a summary of their text. Mostly our tool is used by students or Webmasters to describe their products.