Word Counter & Keyword Density Checker

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  • About Word Counter

    Every day, thousands of people use word counting tools to help them write better, more effective content and make it easier to read. A typical word counter is often a free tool that allows you to copy and paste your text to find out how many words are in your content. This word counter is more advanced than a standard word counter and has several other features in addition to simply counting the words. It also counts the number of words, characters, phrases, and paragraphs in your content and analyses the keyword density.

  • Keyword Density

    This free word counter can be used for a variety of purposes. Nowadays, success online depends on well-written content, regardless of whether you're a blogger, a journalist, or an SEO. It is essential to avoid overusing keywords in your writing and to keep your articles appealing. When a word is overused in your article or essay, our keyword density tool can let you know. The keyword density tool works for phrases of up to three words in addition to single words, so if any of your phrases are being repeated, it will let you know about it.

  • Read Time

    Although it is a very difficult task, it is vital for articles to be interesting and attract readers in, so they read the entire article. Unfortunately, not many people enjoy reading and prefer to skip most of the information and get right to the point. Having said that, it is still important for us to make every effort to engage users and make the information more readable for our visitors by creating high-quality content. Based on the length and quality of your content, the read time tool estimates the reading time for your post.

  • Downloading & Limitations

    With our word counter, there are no limitations whatsoever, you may check the word count for an infinite number of words at once. You can also use it again to check the word count or keyword density without a captcha or time limitation. The file can currently only be downloaded in TXT format.