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Go as a River Novel

Nowadays more adults seem to be taking a keen interest in reading books to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing. Go as a River is one such book that provides valuable insight into the process of overcoming life’s obstacles. Written by Jeff Brown, it offers readers a refreshing and hopeful perspective for dealing with life’s difficult challenges.

About the Author Jeff Brown is a lifelong student of psychology, spirituality, and philosophy. He’s the author of the #1 Amazon chart-topping book Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation. He’s a popular keynote speaker and has been interviewed on the BBC, NBC, and CBS along with various other shows.

Overview Go as a River is a book that seeks to help readers find their personal resilience and power in order to combat the ever-growing challenges they face in their life. Brown is steadfast in his belief that even in the face of life’s darkest moments, humans have a deep well of strength within them. Brown examines the concept of surrendering to life and letting go of control, and ultimately letting life take its course.

The Structure of the Book The book is split into four sections: Letting Go, Understanding and Accepting, Resilience and Power, and Taking Action. In the first section, Brown delves into the subject of surrendering to life’s challenges and how this can lead to personal growth.

In the second section, the author looks at understanding and accepting the emotions that life throws at us. He guides readers through the process of letting go of our emotional baggage and embracing new opportunities.

The third section talks about resilience and power and how they can help us to bounce back from life’s difficult moments. Brown helps readers gain clarity about their emotional state by exploring the idea of “the river of life” and how we can use it to better navigate our lives.

The last section helps readers take action and make the necessary changes in order to continue their journey of growth. The author looks at the importance of self-reflection and dedicates a chapter to an exploration of the concept of “flow” and how it can be used to our advantage.

characters. In this article, we will explore all the good points that make Go As A River a memorable and captivating read.


The story follows Yasmin, a fifteen-year-old Palestinian-Australian girl, as she embarks on a pilgrimage to her ancestral hometown of Beit Janna in the West Bank. This journey not only brings her closer to her heritage but also closer to her estranged father. Despite it being an uncertain journey, she is hopeful that by making this pilgrimage she will be able to make peace with both her past and her present.

Yasmin’s journey is not an easy one and part of it involves discovering the truth about her father and the secrets that he may be hiding. However, the journey not only brings out the best in Yasmin, but also brings out the best in those around her and helps her find her true self.

Some Good Points

A Memorable and Insightful Plot

Go As A River is a captivating read from beginning to end. Randa Abdel-Fattah effortlessly weaves together threads of Yasmin’s past and present life to create a memorable and powerful narrative. In fact, the story itself is often reflective of the struggles and strife associated with Palestinian-Australian heritage.

An Unforgettable Cast of Characters

The characters in this book are all incredibly unique and diverse. Yasmin is a strong, brave and determined protagonist who quickly becomes a prominent figure that readers will find themselves rooting for. Other characters, such as her father, uncle and grandparent’s, while sometimes contentious, are all memorable and contribute to shaping Yasmin’s story.

Exploration of Issues

Go As A River explores a wide range of topics such as identity, family dynamics, displacement and ethnicity. It does so in a way that is both insightful and sensitive. In particular, it sheds light on the struggles Palestinian-Australians face and how difficult it can be to stay true to oneself and one’s heritage.

Writing Style

The writing style of this book is both simple and elegant. With effortless prose, Randa Abdel-Fattah tells a highly emotive story of understanding and personal growth. From the first page, it’s hard not to be mesmerized by the structure and the imagery that she creates.

Go As A River is an insightful, sensitive and memorable read. With a rich narrative and diverse cast of characters, as well as a beautiful and poetic writing style, it is no wonder why this book has been lauded by critics. Through its exploration of themes of identity, family dynamics and displacement, Go As A River offers readers a captivating and unforgettable read.


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